At least it didn’t start in the middle of the night

Aww, crap. I may be imagining it, but I think one of my smoke alarms just started beeping — the “My battery is almost dead” beep.

First thought: Aw, crap.

Second thought: I don’t want to have to drag the ladder inside and climb up to get to it.

Third thought: I hope I have the right kind of battery in the drawer.

Fourth thought: Doh, if I don’t have the right battery, I’m screwed. FedEx is due today with the new computer vid card and I’ll have to sign for it, so can’t leave.

Fifth thought: I hope that’s not the alarm on the raised ceiling that I can’t reach.

Sixth thought: Could be worse. Could have started in the middle of the night.

Seventh thought: Blogging sure is easier than getting up and fixing the damn beep, but the longer I wait, the more frustrated I’m going to get.

And I’ve already got a headache.

20 minutes later: Crisis contained. Disaster averted. It was in the bedroom, but I did have a battery.

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  1. You wanna know how “slow” I am. I kept seeing your updates in my reader, but every time I came by for a visit I saw that “We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming” at the top and thought your blog had malfunctioned. I just realized by scrolling down that, whoop! There are all your new posts.

    “It WAS in the bedroom, but I DID have a battery” did I just catch a naughty there, or is my mind in the gutter… again ;)

    I’m glad to know I’m just an idiot and your blog is fine. I’ll come back tonight at work and attempt to catch up here!
    LOL. I hadn’t read it that way until you mentioned it. Methinks you won’t be the only one to see it that way.

    I guess I should unstick the test pattern. You may not be the only one missing new posts below it.

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