Editorial curiosity

Lands’ End. Hmm. Was in the “reading room” last night and noticed something for the first time: Lands’ End catalog. Why do they punctuate it that way? Shouldn’t it be Land’s End? Is it a bunch of people named Land? More than one land, or country, coming to an end? Sure, graphically, it’s nice to have the apostrophe come between the words (on their covers, they run it all together). LANDS’END reads better than LAND’SEND. But is it correct? Only an editor type like me would worry about it!

2 thoughts on “Editorial curiosity

  1. This post deserves at least one comment and because I have a brother named, “James”, I have experience in the trailing apostrophe. I don’t have any idea how that relates to LANDS’ though. Only an editor type like you would make me wonder about it, but now that you have – I believe it’s the graphics’ designers’ fault.

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