Food for political thought

4 thoughts on “Food for political thought”

  1. Well, I guess you did delete my previous comment here. So, I will reiterate. Thank you for your comment. As for you being unsure of your political “affiliation”, come on back again to my blog. I have added a little more definition and a link to a very short quiz that may help you decide where you stand. Let me know how you score.

  2. Congratulations! At least you know where you stand now. Well, if you put much stock in simple quizzes. But at least it does get you thinking about your beliefs.

    By the way, I have responded to your comments on my blog.

  3. It says I’m a Libertarian. Personal issues Score 90%. Economic issues Score 60%. But I waffled a lot on the economic stuff.

  4. BTW, your previous post (on Rather) got deleted when I reverted to the Blogger comment system (vs. Haloscan). I would have saved it if I’d known how.

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