Month: February 2006

Come back, Colin Powell

Colin Powell appeared on the Jay Leno “Tonight” show last night. In short order, Leno was asking him about the Dubai Ports deal, the White House wiretapping, and other issues of the day. Powell, as always, was gracious and articulate…. Read More ›

Ports in a storm

The proposed sale of six U.S. ports to Dubai Ports World, an arm of the United Arab Emerates (UAE) government, has created a storm of controversy. My initial reaction to the announcement was great alarm and I remain very concerned… Read More ›

Smart? Not

With some pride I used to think of myself as “smart.” Not sure offhand how I’d define that, but I certainly don’t think I am anymore, if I ever was. Educated? Yes, if you mean a college degree. Or a… Read More ›

Damn it, Dick!

Dick Cheney finally talked to the press today about his hunting accident. Well, sort of. He talked to Fox News. One news outlet. Damn it, Dick, you’re the vice president of the United States! You’re responsible to all of us!… Read More ›

Cheney story bungled

Judging from a White House press conference I just watched, Washington reporters are as puzzled as I am about the Cheney hunting accident and how the story was handled by officials. The vice president of the United States shoots someone… Read More ›

Hacking Google

The NSA, when it feels the need, listens in on our phone conversations. This so-called wiretapping takes many forms: bugging, tapping, intercepting, snooping through phone company records, etc. The technology these days is diverse and extremely sophisticated. It is all… Read More ›

About Ambien

A strange thing happend once, years ago, after I took some Halcion to help me sleep. Apparently, sometime after taking the med, I made a cup of hot chocolate and took it into the living room, where I managed to… Read More ›