Smart? Not

With some pride I used to think of myself as “smart.” Not sure offhand how I’d define that, but I certainly don’t think I am anymore, if I ever was. Educated? Yes, if you mean a college degree. Or a certain amount of professional knowledge. But not anymore. The formal education has faded into the distant past, and the rest of it is fading fast. Okay, then, intelligent. Again, not so sure. If you mean IQ, okay. The IQ, when I was in college, was 135-140. Something like that. But if that needs any sort of attention, or use, or development, to stay at that level, then I’d say my level has undoubtedly dropped.

There’s an old joke, something about “if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Ha. By that or any other measure, I don’t rate as smart anymore. Look at the mess I’ve made of my life. Look how I’ve burned through opportunities, resources, etc.

... and that's my two cents