Month: April 2006

Bird flu: Shame on ABC

A high percentage of Americans today tend to believe most of what they see on television, particularly when it is presented as “news.” Case in point: bird flu. The news media have hyped the threat of an avian flu pandemic… Read More ›

La Raza captures the flag

Seeking a little background information from the Hispanic side of the illegal immigration issue, I went to the La Raza website. My attention was drawn immediately to their display of photos from many of the recent, massive public demonstrations. I… Read More ›

McKinney is wrong, wrong, wrong

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is painfully, conspicuously off base in her story of her “assault” by a Capitol guard. Immediately playing the race card in what is clearly a security issue, not a racial issue, is irresponsible. She makes a… Read More ›