Poems about my 5-year-old

[Previously titled “Poems for my 5-year old”]

I was sorting through some old, old files today and came across some poems I wrote back then. Two little ditties were inspired by my son, who was 5 years old at the time:

Temper Tantrums

I made him mad the other day.
Things got a little thick.
He locked me out and hung a sign:
“I hate you, Mom. Love, Rick”

The Moving Finger

I knew we’d come to this one day.
The writing’s on the wall.
The trouble is, the writer’s five
And writing in my hall.

2 thoughts on “Poems about my 5-year-old

  1. Beautiful.
    And I can see both of my children inspiring either of these:)

    [And these days I’m watching my grandchildren behave much the same way … ]

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