Month: June 2006

Who needs hackers?

Hackers, for a number of years, have been the driving force behind the security measures instituted on the Internet. Virtually every website that asks us to enter a password or any sensitive personal information usually has in place security measures… Read More ›

Rather embarrassing… again

It wasn’t enough that Dan Rather embarrassed himself, his network, and his profession a while back with that George Bush National Guard fiasco. Now he’s howling that CBS wasn’t living up to its contract agreement about his assignments and, in… Read More ›


It’s obvious to me now that the sun never really sets in Oklahoma. It just keeps moving west till it can bed down in the Rockies.

If another nation ran Gitmo

If another nation ran the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay… and if U.S. citizens were captured and thrown into that prison… and if those citizens were arbitrarily designated “enemy combatants” to circumvent the Geneva Conventions… and if those citizens were… Read More ›