If another nation ran Gitmo

One thought on “If another nation ran Gitmo”

  1. I suspect the U.S., not to mention the rest of the world, would have long ago taken whatever steps were necessary to shut down that prison…..

    You are darn right here. We have always tried to emancipate (through force) our soldiers when they are prisioners during a war.

    I find interesting you comment that your country has BECOME cruel. You must lack the experience to know that these are ordinary and necessary activities in war time, and Gitmo is not particullarly cruel by previous war standards by a long shot. …………..steve


    Steve, I was only thinking about the present situation. Of course any war, anytime, entails cruelty beyond anything I care to imagine. This probably isn’t the first time we’ve circumvented the Geneva Conventions by calling our prisoners “enemy combatants,” or by hiding them in some other country, and justified their torture by saying it is “necessary” while condemning its use by our enemies. Maybe I wouldn’t be so critical of such tactics if I believed this was truly a war for the survival of the USA.


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