We interrupt this program, again

Sure enough, in the course of trying out new templates and features, I succeeded in deleting my last post, “We interrupt this program,” in which I warned that I’d be trying out new templates and features and might therefore be doing such things for a while. As I recall, I also said something about being new to WordPress, having spent the last couple of years on Blogger, and would therefore need a little time to get up to speed on all the goodies available here. I have a “thing” about playing with graphics options, but I’ll probably settle down eventually. Of course, the idea here is to write something, not just tweak the graphics. Oh well.

One thought on “We interrupt this program, again

  1. Thanks for stopping by, skibowski. I just stopped over at your site. Sadly, I don’t know any German. But maybe with Babelfish I can read some of it.

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