Mortgage assistance plan unfair to majority

MoneyIn its infinite wisdom and great generosity (with my tax dollars), the U.S. government is now considering a plan to freeze mortgage rates for homeowners who’ve gotten in over their financial heads.

Excuse me?! How is this fair? I shopped long and hard for a small home I could afford at fixed-rate payments I felt I could handle. I passed on a new, more expensive place that I loved that would have had similar payments — if I had accepted the special this-week-only, no-doc, 3% adjustable rate mortgage the builder was offering.

Now you’re telling me that if I had bought that place, I’d be in line for a handout from the government, a cash bailout or a lock on that 3% loan?!

How very shortsighted of me to assume I’d have to pay off my own loan, at the 6.7% rate I contracted for. Now I’m stuck not only with paying off my own loan, but with supporting the guy who accepted that 3% loan.

Hey, I’m retired. I’m on a fixed income. I played by the rules. I studied the market and shopped for a home and loan appropriate to my circumstances. Where’s my handout? Am I any less deserving than the buyer who didn’t read what he was signing, who didn’t properly manage his own finances? Am I less deserving than the predatory financial institution or sales rep that promoted subprime loans?

4 thoughts on “Mortgage assistance plan unfair to majority

  1. As a fellow fixed rate mortgage holder, I am also frustrated. Considering the likelihood of freeze being more likely today since the government has stepped makes me even more angry.

  2. I agree. Well, that’s what people get for voting in a man who’d be in jail now for stealing from his company in Texas if not for the fact his father elected all those who were responsible for jailing him.

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