NY Times looks at Hillary’s résumé from WH years

5 thoughts on “NY Times looks at Hillary’s résumé from WH years”

  1. Essentially, Ms. Clinton believes that whatever reality she wants to be true is true and that we all will believe her. Regardless of her political affiliations, I believe she is one dangerous person – if she is elected, I believe we really will see the first nuclear attack on this country.

    WC, I don’t know how I managed to overlook this comment until today (Feb. 16). What makes you think we’d be attacked if she is elected? She’d dismantle our defenses, or something? In contrast, I’m afraid a Republican winner will have us attacking Iran, if Bush doesn’t do it first.

  2. What could that danger be? I realize that Obama is a brilliant hope, but I understand his success even less than Hillary’s determined, but inarticulate enemies (no offense intended). What is her voting record?

    Has Obama explained how he would pull out of Iraq and what he thought the consequences would be?

    I used to read Pfaff of the Herald Tribune. For about 5 or 6 years he has been predicting exactly what would happen and why. However, by now I am afraid he is depressed. He said recently that at Nürnberg the Germans were hanged for lesser crimes than the US military have let go. So I stopped reading him. He mentioned Obama as his one choice a very long time ago.

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