Moderator, cackle distract from Dem debate

It’s old news now that the Democrats’ debate yesterday in Des Moines benefited ever so slightly from coming after, not before, the GOP debate.

Des Moines Register Editor Carolyn Washburn, moderator of both events, gave the Democratic candidates more leeway in answering their questions, stretching their allotted time, and interacting with one other. The resulting “debate” was somewhat more interesting than its Republican counterpart.

I tried to pay attention to the candidates, but I also wanted to see what Washburn had learned from her performance the day before. Her makeup was softer, her clothes were more becoming (this time she considered that some of the cameras were behind her), and her general tone was more relaxed and friendly.

As for the candidates (yes, the campaign drones on), I enjoyed Obama’s comment that he looked forward to receiving advice from Hillary when he is elected. Everyone chuckled. And once again the Clinton Cackle was conspicuous. Actually, I noticed it several times.

I wish I could be more charitable; it’s catty to pick on someone’s laugh. But I really think a woman, especially a would-be president, should be more restrained in public. This was not the good ol’ boys getting together at the local bar; this was supposed to be a look at our next possible president.

... and that's my two cents