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NY Times looks at Hillary’s résumé from WH years

Patrick Healy, in today’s New York Times, examines Hillary Clinton’s 8 years as First Lady and weighs whether they can be counted as part of her “political experience.”

In effect, Healy performs a background check on the résumé Clinton is offering to Iowa voters and the nation, and Clinton appears to be … umm … exaggerating things a bit.

Not that her critics haven’t been aware of this from Day One. Her opponents have continually attacked the validity of her claim to “thirty years of political experience.” Healy simply catalogs, in detail, her “achievements” during her time in the White House, and for the most part, leaves judgments to the reader.

It’s good one-stop shopping for anyone studying Hillary’s accomplishments, or lack thereof, as First Lady. It’s also a good lesson in how to embroider a résumé.

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