Webcam links added to Pied Type blogroll

Links to some of my favorite webcams north and northwest of Denver, Colorado, can now be found in the Pied Type blogroll.

The Boulder camera has two live views of the University of Colorado campus and city of Boulder, looking west toward the mountains.

The Niwot Ridge camera is located in the mountains west of Boulder at a high-altitude research station. It can be controlled and panned through almost 360 degrees. Sitting on an exposed ridge at 11,600 feet, the camera takes a beating from the weather and may at times be inoperable. (Also, I’ve discovered that at times the cam doesn’t work with IE but will work with Firefox.)

The controllable Estes Park camera is located on a small peak above Estes Park and has a broad view of the valley, the surrounding peaks, and the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park. Scroll down the page a few inches to find the camera controls.

The Allenspark camera is located at about 8,500 feet and looks west toward Wild Basin in the southeast corner of Rocky Mountain National Park.

These cameras are a great way for me to check current weather conditions in the mountains or traffic in Estes Park, get a different view of a sunset, or just enjoy the scenery without leaving home.

Note, Feb. 17, 2009: I’m sorry to have to report that the Estes Park camera I’ve enjoyed so much has been taken down. The man who maintained it moved to Lyons, Colo., to be closer to his job in Boulder. He has set up a Lyons webcam, but it falls way short of what the Estes cam offered.

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