And the beat goes on …

Barack Obama is being declared the winner in today’s Wisconsin Democratic primary. And apparently while some of us were busy watching “American Idol,” Hillary Clinton was giving another non-concession speech — the third time (according to some reports) that she has delivered such a speech on the evening of a loss without conceding the loss or congratulating her opponent.

One could argue that she is trying to show strength by quickly shifting her focus to the next objective rather than dwelling on the day’s loss. That’s a weak argument and a wrong-headed attitude on her part. She looks neither strong nor focused. She looks ungracious and angry. A sore loser. Her advisors should have pointed this out to her the first time it happened, or the second. But three times?

As Dick Vitale might say, “Three strikes and you’re out, baby!”

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2 thoughts on “And the beat goes on …

  1. Admittedly, I’m not a highly political person but your blog makes me interested. I do not know all of the ins-and-outs for sure; however, I do know WHO I do not like. At WC’s blog, she pointed out to me long ago that what turns me off to politics (all the games and distractions) is EXACTLY why these politicians are pulling stunts; to make me look the other way (in disgust) – then they can do whatever the heck they want – it turned me off so I tuned out. After reading what she said to me, I’ve been watching more closely. I like to come here and see your take on things, you are a very insightful woman! Thanks!
    Being retired gives me plenty of time to watch the news, I’m afraid. But this really is the most fascinating campaign I can remember since the ’60s. I had pretty much tuned out the political scene too, until Obama started showing signs of being a real contender. So exciting to see Hillary’s “inevitability” being challenged. (I don’t know how insightful I am, but I can always conjure up an opinion or two. 🙂 )

  2. You said that, in a candidate to high office, his personal integrity would be of prime importance to you.

    Now you thought that Hillary was “a sore loser”. Should she have shown a vivid happy surprise at her o_pponent’s success and her own failure?

    No, of course not. But it is customary in American politics to congratulate or at least acknowledge your opponent’s victory, while conceding your own defeat. To completely ignore that a contest even occurred is unusual.

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