Riding the election wave; what’s next?

It appears that the current election cycle is attracting most of Pied Type’s readers, followed by economic issues. Clearly the favorite topic here in the last few months has been the campaign, and the top draw by far is really only a link to a quiz on another site. Will Pied Type fall back into obscurity after November? Will the new president’s activities keep us supplied with topics? Will the economy become everyone’s primary concern? Tune in again tomorrow, same time, same station, for further adventures of Pied Type.

Title Views
Quiz tells which candidate best matches 563
Ouch! NY Times resurrects McCain-Vicki I 162
NY Times looks at Hillary’s résumé fro 101
Last words on race issue before tonight’ 61
A woman voter assesses Hillary Clinton 57
Roe v. Wade: 35 years of compassion cont 47
About 42
Capital One credit card: Don’t go there 41
Mortgage assistance plan unfair to major 40
Huckabee’s ‘cross’ ad is disingenuous 31
Vermont vandals: How could they? 23
Impeachment call too late; voters on the 22
Why was Gotbaum alone? 22
Newsweek shows Romney tanking in Iowa 21
Hillary’s tears in Maine understandable 21
Kerrey endorses Clinton and praises Obam 19

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