Hillary’s tears in Maine understandable but unacceptable

Hillary Clinton in MaineDuring a campaign appearance in Lewiston, Maine, on February 9, Hillary Clinton once again got emotional. This time her tears came as a disabled U.S. veteran in the audience was telling his story.

The moment was not widely reported, and few would argue it constituted reportable news, particularly on a news day being dominated by the lopsided wins of her Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, in Washington, Louisiana, and Nebraska.

The point here is not that we shouldn’t be moved by the stories of our military veterans. Many of us in the same situation would have reacted similarly.

No, the point here is, would you want to see the President of the United States reacting as Hillary did? Or would you want a more controlled response? Sympathetic, appreciative, maybe even misty-eyed, but still, under control. Aware that the nation, or the world, might be watching. Might be judging. Might be looking for weaknesses or exploitable vulnerabilities.

Quite simply, wouldn’t you expect your president to be presidential?

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3 thoughts on “Hillary’s tears in Maine understandable but unacceptable

  1. Fabulous. I am terrified at the mere thought of her as our leader. Who would ever fear her? Terrorists? Um, I think not.

    I’ll bet Bill fears her


  2. Hey 30!
    You know, honestly, I don’t think it’s the tears. I think it’s really that Hillary has inspired such distrust in the public that everything she does smacks of manipulation. I really don’t have a problem with people showing honest emotion, regardless of who they are – but in her case, I never believe any emotion (beyond anger) she displays in genuine.

    No, I wouldn’t want a president who cried at the drop of a hat, but the real t hing is I wouldn’t want her for president. She is just too creepy and phoney.

    I couldn’t agree more. Honesty and straightforwardness are the least I expect from our president.


  3. To writerchick and -30 -:

    What US President of recent times should I look to for “honesty and straightforwardness”?

    Admittedly, the question is tendentious, but then I also really cannot think of any name, except, maybe, Reagan, who, however, towards the end was greatly helped by a bad memory. Ford was not elected. Carter maybe? But he was never really respected; I have no idea why he is so rarely quoted.


    Hmm, good question. I wasn’t thinking back before our current president. Clinton certainly wasn’t honest. Before that, I’d have to refresh my memory. The elder Bush might have been okay; no specifics are coming to mind right now. Carter seemed like a decent guy, if not the smartest. Don’t know why he was so reviled. Reagan seemed okay too; not sure he was as “great” as today’s Republicans make him out to be. I really liked Ford. Bottom line, I have always believed you can send the most honest man in the world to Washington, and the system will immediately start corrupting him. They have to start compromising to get anything done.


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