Quiz matches you with candidates’ statements on issues

One thought on “Quiz matches you with candidates’ statements on issues”

  1. I believe that “the issueS” are now changing, because of the economy. That’s my baby. I have been watching this for years and have been reading up on this story right from the time — the 60’s? — when the dollar went off the gold standard and the US could spend money without increasing their taxes and without immediate effects on the dollar.

    So right now again there is immense fear everywhere that the dollar collapses to 00.0. And I think Hillary will be the first to take this issue up. The problem is that (I remember vaguely) more than 50% of dollars existing in the world are not in Am,erican hands, so that your country has long ago lost control of the dollar’s value. — I always hope that what I think is wrong. — The cost of the war? Some writer on the IHT called it a mirage created by Bush et al: the divorce between US civil life style and the drain on the dollar created by the war.

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