Citizen Jane charts and compares the candidates’ positions

Citizen Jane Politics has posted a convenient chart comparing the presidential candidates’ positions on major issues. It includes both Republicans and Democrats and provides a quick, overview, a good place to start. As with the candidates themselves, however, the details are yet to come. And with the Democrats, it could be August before we see them.

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One thought on “Citizen Jane charts and compares the candidates’ positions

  1. You’ve got great links. Read it and found it very helpful. I sway so easily to the republican side on immigration and feel it’s so important to get that hammered out. They came here illegally, out they go! OUT OUT OUT! Get out! Quit absorbing our healthcare and education systems, and GET OUT! What a frig’n mess. So frustrating.
    I couldn’t agree more. Nobody in the race is going to make me happy on this subject.

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