Rules are rules; no do-overs for Florida, Michigan

amerflagsmall.jpgSo now the governors of Michigan and Florida want “do-overs” for their Democratic primaries? What part of the Democratic National Committee’s rules did they not understand the first time around?

They knew that if their states’ primaries were moved up to January, the DNC would not seat their delegates. Their political operatives knew it. Their voters knew it. The entire nation knew it. If they or the voters or the lawyers or anyone else didn’t like it, they should have spoken up at the time the rules were being established. Instead, they chose to violate the rules and now they are being punished.

The rules were made before the game started and were agreed to by all parties. There is no acceptable reason to change them now and seat those delegates, or to circumvent them by holding new primaries/caucuses and seating new delegates. No reason. None.

Rules are rules. Even a two-year-old understands that.

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