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For Hillary and Bill, losing might not be the worst part

It should be enough for any Obama supporter that Hillary Clinton lose this never-ending Democratic primary. Pulling ahead of her in the superdelegate count this week has been sweet. So, too, the idea of moving on to the general election, winning in November, and finally bringing to an end the long, ugly Bush presidency.

It should be enough just to relish the non-inevitability of another Clinton co-presidency. A winner, after all, should be a good sport, someone who doesn’t gloat publicly about winning. (Of course, no one likes a sore loser, either. Or a guest too oblivious or ungracious to leave when the party’s over.)

It should be enough, this snowballing roll toward an Obama victory. But it isn’t. So as the Obama campaign turns its attention to John McCain and the Republicans, supporters can begin to savor what might turn out to be the most deliciously satisfying part of this entire election cycle — watching the Clintons’ unstoppable, irreversible slide into irrelevance. At least until November.

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