Hillary backer gives all us older white women a bad name

4 thoughts on “Hillary backer gives all us older white women a bad name”

  1. I’m glad to hear that. I mean, I understand Clinton supporters are disappointed, but to take it where she took it was out of line. I cannot even argue w/ some Clinton supporters anymore because logic they haven’t got it and the bickering gets out of hand. I hope the party comes together, but I really am not optimistic after this tasteless display.
    To be honest, I don’t know how I’d feel if the tables were turned and Obama were losing. But even if I were as upset as this woman, I wouldn’t be carrying on like this in public.

  2. But Obama needs these women. So be careful.
    I hope all those ardent Clinton supporters will regain their composure before November and realize that a vote for McCain would be very counterproductive.

  3. Oh my goodness! I don’t think Obama can help her. I had no idea what Hillary supporters were really like. This is a wake-up call. Not all female boomers entered victim mode to this degree. No wonder Hillary can’t be gracious in defeat – she’s getting ego boosts from this kind of hysteria. Just what every narcissist loves.
    This election isn’t about sexism or feminism or racism; it’s about the person who can best lead and represent ALL of us. To focus this election, or any other, on those narrow issues while the whole world is watching is to be dangerously short-sighted.

  4. This election is about ALL of the above, it is about humanity in all its personas. The whole world is delighted with the passion and intense focus we have put on the candidates AND the issues. To dismiss the fact this is a historic moment where all the ism’s come together is to minimize the pain of all of them. Hurrah for all who speak truth to power and understand this election is ALL ABOUT feminism, sexism and racism because in the end, it can’t help but be. And this is why Obama spoke so eloquently about racism. If only Hillary had done the same for sexism it would have been a watershed moment. But she can’t do things like that. Yet, Obama spoke about sexism when he mentioned it in his speech last night.
    This election is about racism and sexism to the extent that a contest between a black man and a white woman showed we have moved beyond racism and sexism. Obama and Clinton were the last candidates standing not because they were black and female, respectively, but in spite of it. I think Obama was espousing this idea, while some in Hillary’s camp were sabotaging it with their charges of sexism.

    (I’ll need another cup of coffee to be sure, but aren’t we saying the same thing, more or less?)

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