High-altitude Colo. webcam up and running again

Most readers probably won’t care, but my favorite high-altitude (11,600 ft.) webcam, TundraCam, is back in operation.

The TundraCam is fully controllable, with zoom and pan functions, and has a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountain high country west of Boulder, Colorado. It is located at a research station on Niwot Ridge and can be reached only via hiking trails. Fully exposed to the worst weather the high country can whip up, the camera may sometimes be frozen in place or knocked completely offline. When this happens during the winter, it can be several months before anyone can get to it for repairs. (I seem to have problems getting this cam to work with IE, but it usually works with Firefox.)

Personally, I enjoy using the camera to admire the view, check the weather, watch the sunset (never up early enough to catch the sunrise), and see the lights of Denver and Boulder at night. I’ve even watched hikers coming and going.

It appears TundraCam has been repositioned a bit from last fall, so I’ll be spending some time getting reoriented. Meantime, welcome back, TundraCam!

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4 thoughts on “High-altitude Colo. webcam up and running again

  1. Very neat PT-30-! I never saw anything like this before. I’ll have to go back when I have more time to learn the proper way to use it. However, I did look at the gallery of pics and the American Kestrel bird taking a break on the cam tower is pretty!
    I keep hoping I’ll spot some wildlife, but a few hikers and some nodding wildflowers were about as good as it got last summer.

  2. I know very little about webcams and had seen them used only for private purposes, mainly by upstairs neighbours who talk all night long by computer to their relatives in Latin America. The idea of having a camera of this kind high up in the mountains took me by surprise and so immediately and all excited I clicked on your access to see :

    Black night as recorded by webcam on the other side of the globe.

    It is 0820 a.m. here.
    Lol. I’d change the schedule for you if I could, but the sun seems to have a mind of its own.

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