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Primary season finally ends with Hillary’s unity speech


Sen. Hillary Clinton delivered a good speech this morning in Washington. It sounded more like a “unity” speech than a concession speech, and she did a great job of emphasizing the importance of getting a Democrat elected in November.

She was well into the speech before finally mentioning Barack Obama, and in that sense it may still have been a little too much “me” and not enough “him.” She also dedicated a lot of time specifically to feminism and the strides it made in this campaign. While true, it seemed to once again place the accent on her gender rather than her qualifications, and that was disconcerting. Historic, yes, but the purpose of a primary race is to choose the best candidate, not the best woman.

Overall, it was a fine speech. And overall, the crowd seemed to respond as everyone hoped. There were a few isolated boos, but those were drowned out by the cheers and applause.

So what happens now? All things are possible, but the second spot on the Democratic ticket most likely is not one of them.

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