Why should Obama spend his funds on Hillary’s debt?

Dear Sen. Obama:

Just thought I’d drop you a note to say I don’t think you should be using your campaign funds to help retire Sen. Clinton’s debt.

I sent you a small donation back in January, and I assume it was used to help you beat Sen. Clinton. However, I really hesitate to send you any more money now, for fear it will go to Sen. Clinton instead of to your campaign against Sen. McCain. I’m sure I’m not the only supporter who feels this way.

Sen. Clinton knew what she was getting into when she entered the race, just as you did. Was there some agreement in place before the campaign began that the loser would be reimbursed? What about the other candidates (Biden, Richardson, Edwards, Gravel, etc.)? Do they get reimbursed too?

There were reports of some really profligate spending by the Clinton campaign. Why should you help pay for that? Back in February, Sen. Clinton loaned herself $5 million. Are you expected to help with that debt? Isn’t raising and managing your own campaign funds a part of our election system?

I’ve also read something about the DNC helping Sen. Clinton. How does that work? Does my donation to you get filtered through the DNC to her? If not, where does the DNC get its funds? And shouldn’t DNC funds now be used to pay for the currently underfunded Democratic Convention in Denver?

Sen. Obama, when it comes to money, I’m not always the sharpest crayon in the box. So unless and until you can assure me that my donations will be used by you to defeat Sen. McCain in November, I won’t be sending any more.


Susan Richards

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