Yep, it’s a day later and Hillary’s speech still lacks grace

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Apparently the woman who worked so hard to prove she was just one of the boys by downing shots at the bar is like them in another way — she lacks grace and social skills.

Hillary Clinton’s speech last night was a good one, or would have been, if the Democratic presidential nomination had still been up for grabs. With her track record, no one really believed she would step to the podium, deliver a groveling concession speech, and swear to follow Barack Obama to the gates of hell if necessary to ensure his victory in November.

No, the “lady” barely acknowledged that Obama had won the nomination a scant hour before. Instead she launched into yet another presentation of her credentials and the number of voters she’d won in the popular vote (counted Hillary-style, of course). She spoke as though those voters were under her direct control and she wouldn’t release them to anyone who didn’t give her what she wanted. She spoke as though she had and was ready to use the power to get what she wanted from Obama, be it the vice presidential slot on the ticket or some appointment in … uh … no, she was thinking of a place on the ticket.

What arrogance. She stood there as the loser in a tight two-way battle for the presidential nomination and spoke as though nothing had changed and she was in a position to dictate terms to Obama. The loser doesn’t get to dictate the terms of the surrender.

It was, at the very least, a puzzling and ungracious speech. The audience was prepared to hear any one of several things, but Hillary’s demanding to be given what she wanted in exchange for “her” voters was totally off the charts.

Sen. Clinton exhausted her allotment of excuses long before last night’s speech. Obama is the party’s nominee. He won fairly and with considerable aplomb. He doesn’t owe her anything at this point. She should be trying to position herself as a desirable choice as his running mate, not presenting demands she’s in no position to make. Her leverage evaporated the moment he secured that 2118th delegate.

It’s easy to see how Obama’s camp would be put off by her attitude last night. If they had been considering her as a possible running mate, her speech and attitude last night made it less likely.

It has been reported in the last hour that Hillary will concede the race on Saturday and suspend her campaign. But that’s several days too late. She’s already damaged her chance to be Obama’s running mate, assuming she ever had one.

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3 thoughts on “Yep, it’s a day later and Hillary’s speech still lacks grace

  1. The word that hit the nail on the head is, “arrogance”. There is just no other word that describes Hill & Bill.

    I don’t think she has had or ever will have any desire to be his running mate. She doesn’t want his sloppy seconds…
    No worries. He probably doesn’t want her hanging around begging for scraps either …

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