May I have your attention, please? Pied Poll arrives

I just want to point out the addition of a poll to my sidebar. No biggie, but I’d hate for you to overlook it. I don’t get a lot of hits here, so it’s going to take a while to accumulate any significant numbers. (Try not to laugh in the meantime.)

I happen to be a sucker for polls. I’ll express an opinion at the drop of a hat, as long as the pollster isn’t on my phone or at my door. It annoys me, too, if you expect me to jump through hoops to register my opinion or to see the poll results. Ask for ten kinds of personal info just to let me have my say, and I’m gone. You may be assembling a mailing list for potential sales, but I’m not adding my name to your list.

The point is, you can vote in my little presidential poll (and possible future polls) with just a click. Go ahead; it’s painless, quick, and anonymous. The current plan is to keep this poll up until the November election, but if you’ve been by here more than once, you know how often I change my mind.

Note: I have reconfigured the poll to show that the opinions of non-US citizens are welcome. The Internet is international and so are my readers. I’d love to have everyone’s opinion, and comments too.

4 thoughts on “May I have your attention, please? Pied Poll arrives

  1. As I’m a Brit, I won’t do the poll. But I thought I’d leave a comment to say I’d dropped by 😉
    Thanks for stopping by. I’ll reconfigure the poll to indicate non-U.S. citizens are welcome to express a preference too.

  2. As a Swede I can’t vote either. But Europeans in general are very enthusiastic about Obama.
    Senior citizen here (me) needs to remember the Internet is worldwide. I apologize. It’s exciting to have visitors from outside the U.S. Please vote! 🙂

  3. As I’m an American, my vote does not count either, as evidenced by the last 2 elections. But in general, people seem to like the new Batman movie, so I guess Heath Ledger is a shoe-in.
    Such a cynic! You can write-in Ledger if you want. Or anyone else, for that matter. 😉

  4. Pied Type has become interactive, and that’s good. Fits very well with the overall theme.
    Thanks. Not as much fun as your little quizzes, but maybe it will add some interest.

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