Tiny little postscript about a tiny little man

Today Fox News dropped the other shoe on the rest of Jesse Jackson’s crude remarks last week.

It seems the once-prominant black leader used the N-word when referring to the black people that Barack Obama was “talking down to.”

That’s it. End of story.

Jesse who?

4 thoughts on “Tiny little postscript about a tiny little man

  1. My husband and i have discussed this to death. Senator Obama needs to learn the lesson: You can never ever ever satisfy everyone. No matter what. Never.

    This is across the board- beyond racial, gender, socio-economic lines. No matter what, someone is going to complain, feel slighted, offended, ignored, put on blast so on and so on.
    Hey, c, thanks for coming by.

    Obama seems to be a realist when it comes to compromises and satisfying people. He tried to accord Jackson some respect and Jackson spurned it, big time. I doubt Obama lost any sleep over it.

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