John Edwards admits his affair, denies paternity

2 thoughts on “John Edwards admits his affair, denies paternity”

  1. That’s too bad. I always wonder why these people in high positions, in the public eye, risk their reputation for sex? Throw it all away for sex? It makes no sense to work your buns off to achieve such a status and then to blow it all. Where do you go from there?
    Extramarital sex can be terribly enticing when there are problems in your marriage. Morally it’s a lousy thing to do, but physically it can be like a narcotic to someone who’s had almost no sex at home. But you’re right. In this case, Edwards obviously had way too much to lose. And I’d guess he’s about to lose it all. Plus he and Elizabeth both lied about it. She needs him right now, unfortunately.

  2. It’s really disappointing. Edwards seemed to be a good person. Oh well, he’s a politician. No surprise.
    I’m really disappointed, too. I thought he’d make a good veep, or even better, attorney general. I don’t think the public would stand for it now.

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