Bush has Putin shaking in his boots … not

President Bush is speaking at this moment, warning Russia to get out of Georgia.

Right. I’m sure Putin is scared to death by Bush’s words. I can’t believe any foreign leader would be swayed by George Bush’s “tough talk.” For Bush to warn Putin that he’s “losing his standing in the world” is a supreme irony.

Yes, I think the Russians are way, way out of bounds with their invasion of Georgia. It is proof, perhaps, that Putin is not in the least afraid of Dubya. Bush was and is a dupe for believing anything Putin has to say (even if he did look into his eyes and see his soul).

It worries me that Bush is such a cowboy. He’s a doer, not a talker. So what if he already has us stretched thin in two wars. Kicking Russia out of Georgia would be an obvious, virtuous move for a “man of action” like Bush. Even though it would appear to be a European problem.

Can you spell W o r l d  W a r  I I I?


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4 thoughts on “Bush has Putin shaking in his boots … not

  1. Bush is Putin his foot in his mouth. Besides, the last time we kicked Russia out of someplace, we got the Taliban. Not that we learn from our stupidity…
    Times like this make me wish we had a real president in the White House instead of a lame-duck, half-cocked cowboy.

  2. Wake-up all up people no more sleeping in-here
    If they make war the ox carts and frond will follow
    then there are the armor bears and the esquire
    my leige such chatter about Russia and Georgia!

    Understand one thing everything grows up
    when evil is full grown it tend to overwhelm
    those who planted it. The Russians the Americans
    The WHO??? Did some say the big III do we
    need more boots on the ground or brains in the head?

  3. I really can’t see Bush extending the troops there and even he wanted to, Congress wouldn’t approve it. I doubt there is anything to worry about. And as for Putin, i wouldn’t weep if someone met him in a dark alley one night and gave him a reason to reincarnate.
    I used to trust Congress to keep a check on the prez. I don’t anymore. Pootie Poo can take a long walk off a short pier; that’ll keep your guy in the alley from having to dirty his hands.

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