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News flash: there’s a phallic symbol in that ad

McCain's Second Latest Ad Against Obama

Last week the McCain campaign released an ad that the cable news people are still talking about — the ad showing Barack Obama, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton.

It talks about celebrity, ostensibly, but from the day it was released, the media have debated whether it is racist. You know — a black man, two white chicks, that whole thing. The media have a bigger fixation on racism than the racists themselves. And just when I thought they’d gotten about as ridiculous as they could, MSNBC comes up with a new angle today — a phallic symbol.

Yes, folks, there was a nice little discussion about why some of the shots in the ad show a giant phallic symbol. (Gasp!) Let’s see now … Obama spoke in Berlin in front of the Victory Column … that happens to be … a column. Duh. Perhaps he choose that setting because secretly he was thinking, “It’s a giant phallic symbol; it will make me look manly.”

Or maybe the McCain campaign looked at the footage of the speech and said, “Hey, he’s standing in front of a phallic symbol. Let’s use that shot because it will mock his manliness.”

Or maybe it was some idiot news guy who, having seen the ad about a million times, suddenly realizes, “Wow, that’s a giant phallic symbol. How shocking. What a story! Let’s interview a couple of guys (black, of course) and see what they think.”

Gee, I dunno. What do you think?

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