Not-ready-for-prime-time Palin is not ready for veep

I started the day asking, “Sarah who?” And I probably wasn’t the only one.

John McCain has named Sarah Palin, first-term Republican governor of Alaska, as his running mate. Hmm … okay … not exactly what I was expecting. At the very least I expected to be looking up information on what’s-his-name Polenta. Had the name been Romney, Ridge, or Lieberman, I’d have just shrugged. Those guys I know.

Palin sounded interesting … eats mooseburgers (shoots the moose herself) … has kids with offbeat names … is a former beauty queen … married a commercial fisherman and champion crosscountry snowmachiner (is that the same as a snowmobiler?). Serious Alaskan woman. Everything’s tougher in Alaska,  yada, yada.

Okay, I thought, show me (yes, I was born in Missouri), and settled in with my coffee to watch her speech. Hmmm, she speaks well, too. Articulate (I can still use that adjective, right?), conversational style.

Come on! Seriously, you want me to trust her to backstop the nation’s oldest-ever presidential candidate? You want me to sleep better at night knowing she’ll be stepping in as president if something happens to McCain? You want American voters to back a hot-headed old warmonger and a political novice who probably knows even less about foreign relations than Bobby Jindal? And if McCain is fishing for Hillary’s disenchanted feminist PUMAs, I doubt an anti-abortion woman is going to do it for him.

No. Sorry. Palin is an intriguing woman, probably a nice person with a bright future, but based on what I’ve heard so far, I’d be petrified if she ended up in the Oval Office. McCain, at his age, needed to pick a veep who looked reassuringly presidential.


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5 thoughts on “Not-ready-for-prime-time Palin is not ready for veep

  1. I’d seen her on the radar for a little while, and last month was telling a friend of mine that I thought she’d make a dandy choice for McCain, but that he’d never do it.

    Fun to be wrong sometimes. 🙂

    She’s not going to get him elected, but it does make the race a little more interesting.
    My son and DIL are excited about the choice and already knew all about her. Guess I’ll be playing catch-up for a little while.

  2. Oh, and in your tags you have her listed as “Sarah Palen”.
    Oops. Thanks. I had misspelled it throughout, and missed the tag when I corrected. Hehe. Told you I didn’t know anything about her.

  3. wtf? That’s the first thing I said. Obviously Mc is looking to pick up wayward women voters.. but he picked someone so young and inexperienced….

    Very strategic. Now if the Obama camp starts saying, “She has lack of experience and is too young” than they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot.

    Very clever on Mc’s part- it has become a very interesting “game”, I think.
    I’m watching now. With any of the obvious picks, I’d have probably gone on “hold” until November. Kind of sad though, that deciding the future of our country gets reduced to a game.

  4. The Obama people should not write off Palin. Hillary Clinton lost the nomination because she underestimated Obama–a relatively newcomer to the national stage. The upcoming debate between Biden and Palin will be critical. Obama surprised a lot of people by holding his own in the many debates between Clinton and him. The expectations for Palin are low. If she excels in the debate, her stock will rise. Also, Biden is a gaffe machine. His remarks about/towards Palin will be closely watched and potentially inflame the feminist anger in the country.

    A majority of voters in this country are women, and not all women are liberals. McCain is going after conservative women. Furthermore, Palin can claim executive experience–something Obama, Biden, and McCain lack. Most importantly, Palin can help solidify the conservative base. We must remember that GW Bush won two elections with the help of his conservative base. McCain took a risk, but it could also be a game changer.
    The feminists are already angry, to the point of being almost irrational — PUMAs being the prime example.

    Palin may help solidify McCain’s conservative base, but I don’t think that’s what he needed. His veep choice needed to widen his appeal, not narrow it. He’s losing the larger, more moderate Republican base. He’s probably damned if does and damned if he doesn’t; I’m glad I didn’t have to choose his running mate. I’ve got to admit, though, it’s certainly getting him a lot of attention. I’ll definitely be watching all the debates.

  5. She is as much an idiot as Coat-hanger!

    Hearing her speak I do wonder at the average intelligence of the American voter – sorry to say that but I am will millions of others in this world.

    How did McCain win the nomination? How can he be allowed to pick this div?

    Even my wife – who is zero politik – asked me can he change his mind? I replied – “What mind?”
    😆 Oh, wait … you meant McCain. I was thinking Bush. Same difference.

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