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Now you can go after ScienceGuide splog through Google

If any of your posts have been scraped by, the splog that scraped me, there is now significant recourse (I think). The site now sports Google ads, which gives us victims the right to lodge complaints with Google. Instructions for doing so are on the Google site.

Look in your dashboard for sites that have linked to your blog. If has done so, you’ve been scraped. Click on that link and you’ll be taken to one of your posts displayed on their site. Grab and save a screenshot immediately. You’ll need it for your complaint.

Usually sploggers are all about making money. Get their Google ads pulled and they’ve lost their reason for being. It can be done; it’s been done before. File those complaints with Google today! And learn from my mistake: be sure you’ve got a screenshot of your post on their site before you do anything else.

Note: Woot! I just found the screenshot I thought I’d lost! Now I can go after these bums, too.

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