Reintroduced gray wolves keep protected status

3 thoughts on “Reintroduced gray wolves keep protected status”

  1. Good news. Ah, that’s what I needed! Yay for leaving the gray wolves alone- Every now and then, we need a victory! WHOOT!
    It was one of those really warm fuzzy moments when this landed in my mailbox (I don’t belong to NRDC, but they never miss a chance to send me stuff). Protecting 2,000 wolves in the vast expanse of the Northern Rockies seemed like such a small thing to ask in the overall scheme of things. I’m glad someone in Washington decided to do the right thing.

  2. DOH! Forgot to ask, how’s the computer going? Are you kicking some cyber game ass or what? I hope you are having fun!
    Thanks for the positive thoughts, but the Alien is still dead. New video card was delivered Thursday and DIL got over here about two hours ago to install it. New card didn’t work either. Long story short, the whole computer gets picked up Monday to go back to the mothership for repairs. To say I’m “disappointed” would be a colossal understatement. Luckily the old beast is able to run the game (just barely, with minimal graphic settings, if I’m not near a huge crowd of other players).

  3. Wonderful news! My dad has an affinity for gray wolves. He has calendars, posters, a giant gray wolf rug… All us kids gave him gray wolf presents for every possible holiday until Mom finally told us to stop. 😉
    Your dad is lucky (and has excellent taste). My dad smiled through several decades of getting nothing but ties and golf balls!

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