Erratic or just old, McCain not a wise choice for president

Is John McCain ready to be president of the United States? Actually, I’m beginning to think he’s well past ready. He missed his window of opportunity in 2000 and is now careening into the sunset, becoming increasingly erratic and unpredictable. His inexplicable behavior and contradictory remarks over the last 10 days or so, coming on the heels of a vice presidential choice I find stunningly incompetent, has really kicked the legs out from under my little remaining confidence that he could be a tolerable president if he happened to win.

Good intentions are not enough. Being a war hero is not enough. Being a maverick is not enough. Is this really a man we want in the White House? Do you really think he should, or even could, answer a critical 3 am phone call?



2 thoughts on “Erratic or just old, McCain not a wise choice for president

  1. I don’t even think he’s a maverick. He has agreed with Bush on almost everything for several years now.
    Yes, that rationale fell by the wayside a while back. His campaign should drop that label like a hot rock.

  2. IMO, they are both liars (McCain & Obama) who will say or do whatever it takes to get into office. Sad, because they just say what they think you want to hear… this would have worked 100 years ago- but now every word is being recorded and played back. And what good does this do us? We still have to elect one of these morons.

    *throwing hands in the air* – AND THESE ARE OUR CHOICES? *throwing hands in air again*


    Just my opinion is all…
    I’d have preferred some nice, normal, moderate whose agenda included neither “fundamentalist religion for all” nor “give everything to the poor (whether they belong here or not).”

... and that's my two cents