I still disagree with Palin (but please don’t tell her I said so!)

Sarah Palin — a kick-ass woman with a kick-ass delivery. Dynamite speech. No wonder John McCain wanted her on the ticket. For every minus you give him as a speaker, give her a plus. Or two.

I don’t know how she’ll do in a debate situation, and I still don’t agree with many — maybe most — of her positions, but starting tonight, this campaign just got fun again.

One of her best lines: The difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.

Betcha she won’t be wearing much lipstick between now and Election Day.

2 thoughts on “I still disagree with Palin (but please don’t tell her I said so!)

  1. Amazing, the brilliance you can appear to have when sequestered with professional speechwriters for 18 hours straight.

    Don’t mind me. I can’t stand her and never claimed to be unbiased in my blog comments.
    šŸ˜† Ain’t that the truth. No prob here. Little did I know last week that when the Republicans loosed their “dogs of war,” the lead dog would be a pit bull (and a b*tch at that).

  2. I haven’t seen it yet. I cannot wait. What a funny line though šŸ™‚
    She delivers sarcasm and venom with aplomb. And you should have heard all the network hacks afterward whimpering because she was attacking them!

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