What!? No flag pin? Tsk, tsk, Senator McCain

Senator McCain is halfway though his acceptance speech at the RNC, and guess what? He’s not wearing a flag pin. With all the Country First rhetoric, all the drum-beating and war hero stuff, he’s standing there with no flag pin in his lapel. After castigating Barack Obama for months for the same transgression, McCain appears with no pin.

Somebody’s head will roll …

2 thoughts on “What!? No flag pin? Tsk, tsk, Senator McCain

  1. Yes, and his use of the song “Barracuda” has Heart inflamed. At least Bush–okay, Rove–was smart enough to stop using “Still the One” in 2004 when the Orleans asked.

    Hey, you never know when a musician will run against your party. One of the Orleans is now a Representative in Congress. Democrat, of course, and his district is in NY.

    Now all we need is Natalie Maines as governor of Texas and we’re set.
    “Barracuda” is the perfect song for Palin (she probably has it playing constantly on her ipod to get herself pumped up for killin’ dem mooses).

    Yep, who knows what evil repercussions lurk in the heart of the political future.

  2. The Republicans showed a big flag on the big screen throughout the convention. What more do you want? 🙂
    I want equal standards. If they’re going to trash Obama for months for not wearing a flag pin (even though there were usually flags all around him), then McCain better have that thing stuck in his lapel 24/7 (yeah, on his jammies, too!). 😉

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