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Grandma vs. the Alien: Chapter 3

The Alien

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A few of you may have been following my misadventures — those involving the acquisition of my first new desktop computer in five years. I refer to the Alienware computer I originally ordered in late August to replace my dying, outdated Dell.

As Chapter 2 of this saga drew to a close, the Alien was on its way back to the factory for a little R&R (repair and rehab). Meantime, I assumed I would use my Dell. Wrong. The next day, it refused to start. For months it had been unreliable about starting, but for it to quit on me the day after the Alien left was particularly frustrating. And in support of the conspiracy theory that readers have suggested, it refused to start up again until — surprise — the day before the Alien got back from the factory.

Thoroughly rested and checked out by no less than the aliens themselves, and with several new parts, the Alien got back to me on October 1. I’m sure by now you can guess what happened next. DOA. It started up, immediately asked permission to restart because of some newly installed something-or-other. The new installs were not identified in any way, but my choices were “restart now” or “restart later,” and I chose the former. Big mistake. It screwed up on the restart and stayed screwed up through two hours on the phone with tech support.

I thought I was being incredibly patient up to that point, given what had transpired in the preceding weeks, but when the tech had me pull the plug and told me to get a screwdriver in preparation for opening the case, I blew my top — sort of. I told him no way, no how, I’d get back to him — CLICK!!

This time my son, who probably knows more about computers than 90% of the aliens, agreed to come over, check things out, and initiate whatever calls and conversations might be necessary if he failed to fix the problem. He was finally able to get over here Friday night. Result: Son failed. Calls made Friday night, Monday morning, and this morning.

Long story short, the Alien left this afternoon on a final, one-way trip to its mother ship. A totally new machine is being built and will be shipped ASAP (a couple of weeks, probably). No, I’m not happy, but for the moment the Dell is still running and I don’t plan to turn it off until the new machine arrives.

Stay tuned.

[continues with Grandma vs. the Alien: The Final Chapter]

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