I don’t care if Mickey Mouse is registered to vote

The news has been full of stories about “voter fraud” this week. It seems the rolls of registered voters in some states are growing rapidly with the addition of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, dead people, children, and probably anything else that imaginative good-for-nothings can dream up. Many of the signatures appear to come from the same individuals, people who obviously have too much time on their hands. It’s also being reported that most of these new registrants are listed as Democrats.

I have a few observations. First, it’s not “voter fraud” unless and until these registrants actually vote. So far it’s only “voter registration fraud.” And it might not even be “fraud.” Not all of it, anyway. No doubt some of those registrations are legitimate efforts by people who really want to vote. So I’m just saying, let’s be careful about throwing around inflammatory, inaccurate charges. (Are you listening, Fox News?)

Second, so what if Mickey Mouse registers to vote? As long as he doesn’t actually vote, I don’t care. So don’t get all bent out of shape and distracted trying to sort through obviously prank (maybe illegal) registrations. Concentrate the time and effort on making sure the actual votes are legal. Who’s going to give or send a ballot to Mickey Mouse? Who’s going to show up at the polls and try to sign in as Mickey Mouse? Who’s going to count a ballot from Mickey Mouse?

Third, yes, all these registrations are jamming up the system. But it occurs to me this might not be a drive by Democrats or ACORN to flood the ballot box with illegal votes. It could, in fact, be a plan by Republicans or others to logjam the Democratic side of the system so badly that some Dem votes either get thrown out or never get cast in the first place, while Republican votes slide though. Sounds a little far-fetched, I’ll admit, but when it comes to vote counting, I don’t think any idea can be discounted.

Bottom line, let’s concentrate on making sure all the votes cast are legal and counted, and not worry so much about the registrations.

2 thoughts on “I don’t care if Mickey Mouse is registered to vote

  1. AMEN! However, I have this sick feeling that if this race is tight, every last vote from every questionable state is going to be combed through. A winner will probably not be determined for quite a while. This notion makes me sick.
    Makes me sick too. I don’t think the nation can stand another really tight presidential election where votes are disputed for weeks and courts get involved, and where the losing side can claim the election was “stolen.” It will be particularly nasty in some quarters if anyone ends up thinking “a black man” (especially an “uppity Chicago politician”) stole the election.

  2. I believe the phrase to describe the bru-ha-ha over this is, “The last act of a desperate party.” The GOP knows they are ging to lose this one, and might well lose it big. So they are doing everything they can ahead of time to try and fight it and not lose. Well, everything except have a good candidate and VP choice…
    Yep, they seem to have overlooked those two itsy bitsy details …

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