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‘Christianity’ ala Holick


This message of tolerance, truth, and love comes to you courtesy of Mark Holick, pastor of the Spirit One Christian Center, in Wichita, Kan. That would be in the so-called heartland of America, where our most cherished values and traditions supposedly hold sway.

Holick’s sign has been all over the news in the past few days, with most of the stories centered on whether it constitutes a violation of the separation of church and state. Holick has been visited by the IRS in the past regarding other questionable signs, and this sign may presage another such visit.

Yes, I think the IRS should revoke this church’s tax-exmept status; this “church” has replaced its pulpit with a platform and should pay accordingly. But what really frightens and saddens me is that there are so many Americans who think this way, embrace this sort of intolerance and ignorance, and go out of their way to teach it to others. Lies and hate, defended with Bible verses. This is not the Christianity I learned as a child, and this “church” is just another example of why I don’t call myself a Christian.

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