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No way, no how, no mailing list

MSNBC is reporting this morning that Bill and Hillary Clinton are angry that the Obama campaign is not doing more to help them retire Hillary’s campaign debt. The Clintons think they are owed the assistance because they, especially Hillary, campaigned hard for Obama toward the end of his campaign.

According to the report, the Clintons feel that, at the very least, the Obama campaign should turn over its extensive Internet mailing lists to boost their debt-retirement efforts. Oh, really?

By what stretch of the imagination does Obama’s most likely Democratic opponent in 2012 think he will give her the keys to his winning campaign? Or any of his remaining campaign funds?

Hillary continued her 2008 campaign long after the numbers and the experts said she couldn’t win. That was her choice. But she still thinks Obama should help her recoup her losses? Apparently she’s as delusional now as she was back in June.

Political custom may dictate that the DNC help defray the debts of losing candidates, and if so, the Clintons should be talking to Howard Dean. Meantime, they best not hold their collective breath waiting for Obama’s mailing lists to materialize under their Christmas tree.

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