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Sen. Stevens: We’ll miss your wit and wisdom

Washington gets a little less interesting now, with Alaska’s Senator Ted Stevens taking his leave. Seven felony convictions just before losing his re-election bid. Yep, he’s definitely out.

It seems only right that a convicted felon not be re-elected, although it was a very tight race. And it was a huge relief for some of us because, had he been re-elected and then booted out by the Senate itself, Gov. Sarah Palin would have been responsible for naming his successor — probably herself. (It would have been God opening another door for her; for her not to charge through it would have been unthinkable.)

In saying our goodbyes to dear “Uncle Ted” Stevens, let us not forget his most memorable words, spoken in 2006 and appropriately set to music:


A guy like that is going to be irreplaceable.

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