Obama, Hillary, Palin, and that lame duck dude

3 thoughts on “Obama, Hillary, Palin, and that lame duck dude”

  1. Oh, that rotten lame-duck. Why can’t we just swear Obama in already?
    I wish we’d sworn him in the day after he was elected. Or at least locked Bush out. This waiting around is agonizing and dangerous.

  2. And joy of joys, Sarah Palin is back in the Lower 48 campaigning for Saxby Chambliss in Georgia. Ugh. If I never heard her name again, it would be too soon. I don’t want to hear one more fractured sentence from her, or see one more cutsey wink.

    Please do remember that she is running for president in 2012. 🙂
    You big meanie. You’re just trying to ruin my evening!

  3. I believe this is the best decision that Obama has made thus far. The most important qualification for secretary of state is credibility. You can’t perform diplomacy without credibility; Hillary Clinton certainly has credibility. She knows all the big players in the world and these people have enormous respect for her. Furthermore, her inner circle includes many experienced and able people in the foreign policy area such Albright and Holbrooke. Foggy Bottom will be in good hand.
    It’s an intriguing choice and I have high hopes.

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