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O.J. Simpson finally going to prison

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O.J. Simpson was sentenced today to 15 years in Nevada state prison, with a minimum of nine years before he becomes eligible for parole. The sentence came as a result of an incident in September 2007 where he and some friends tried to “reclaim” — with the use of at least one gun — some of his property from sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room.

He will be appealing, of course, but a request for bail was promptly denied.

Simpson could have been sentenced to imprisonment for the rest of his life, so he got a break today. Perhaps the judge was feeling a bit of Christmas spirit and generosity.

No more Simpson swagger and smirk. He’s finally going to spend a long time in prison. No one could forget the fact that he escaped criminal conviction on a double murder charge fourteen years ago, but as was right and proper, that issue was not a factor in this case.

For the record, yes, I thought he was guilty of the murder charges, but I didn’t think the case was made at the time. Had I been on the jury then, I’d have voted for acquittal.

This time, though, the case was ironclad. Everything was on tape.

Simpson is a stupid thug of a man. He’s finally going to get a taste of what he has long deserved.

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