Presidential transition is dangerously long

The Taliban is on the move in Pakistan, beheading people. Hamas has risen again in Gaza and is raining rockets into Israel.

Joe Biden predicted the world would test a new President Obama, and anyone who checks the news occasionally knew it was true, whether Biden meant a literal test or just difficult times.

What seems more apparent, however, is that terrorists are determined to take advantage of this interminable, obviously dangerous transition period in the U.S. presidency. Bush hung up his hat and guns a while back, and Obama is powerless until January 20. Why wouldn’t the bad guys take advantage of the opportunity.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again, the U.S. needs to implement a much, much faster transition. World events will not put themselves on hold for two months while we pick our noses and take our vacations and wait for our new president to be sworn in. People are dying because we’re in no position to push back right now. How many more will have to die to rampaging terrorists before we change our transition to something much more in keeping with the actual speed of changing world events.

3 thoughts on “Presidential transition is dangerously long

  1. Yes, why don’t they just send out a memo that we are “out to lunch” for 2 months, all of our defense systems are down. This completely lacks any common sense but doesn’t surprise me at this point.

    When this war first broke out I remember getting “live feed” broadcast from the war zone- from a military tanker no less. I remember thinking, maybe there are a few more secrets they could yell out to the world while they were filming….


    Not only “out to lunch” but “Gone fishin'” and “The door’s open — serve yourself”

  2. Three weeks has never seemed like such a long time.

    I feel like I’ve been left behind on a sinking Titanic, with all the crew and lifeboats gone.

  3. Like I said before, all presidents including Mr. Bush deserve to finish their 4-year terms (with impeachment as the exception). Since all previous presidents had reaped this benefit, to change this now would be unfair to Bush; plus we would have to deal with a lot of whining dead people.

    I happen to think that the transition should have taken place after Mr. Obama takes office, instead of before. There shouldn’t be any lame-duck president.

    I’m not suggesting we step in overnight and lop off the last three weeks of Bush’s term. The Constitution would have to be changed in order to shorten the period between Election Day and Inauguration Day. The Twentieth Amendment changed the inauguration date from March 4 to January 20. No reason it can’t be changed again.

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