So I finally looked at a map of Alaska …

I missed a certain detail during this year’s political campaign. Or maybe it was reported and I was too busy trying not to see or hear anything about a certain female vice presidential candidate. Or maybe it was so obvious to everyone (except me) that no one thought it worth mentioning.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can not see Russia from any place in Wasilla, Alaska; or from the governor’s office in Anchorage; or from the Governor’s Mansion in Juneau; or from any location anywhere near them. You can’t even see Russia from the top of Mount McKinley (Denali), the highest point in Alaska.

I had put the election, and especially the candidate from Alaska, behind me. Honest. But this morning, following links from a favorite Allenspark, Colo., webcam, I came across an interactive map showing just how wildly the governor was exaggerating when she said she could see Alaska from her front porch or wherever. (Click a marker on the map and zoom in. The areas visible from that point are marked in red.) Even if she meant Alaskans in general can see Russia, she was about 99% wrong.

Oh well, move along, folks. The only news here is that yours truly didn’t bother to look at a map until now.

3 thoughts on “So I finally looked at a map of Alaska …

  1. Perhaps Gov. Palin was borrowing a page from Slick Willie’s book?

    “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘see’ is.”
    LOL! So true! πŸ˜†

  2. It was Tammy Faye who said she could see Alaska from her home, not Sarah Palin. You libs are so misguided.

    [Misguided? Me? I didn’t quote anyone, and I was talking about seeing Russia, not Alaska. And Tammy Faye, the evangelist, is dead. Did you mean Tina Fey, the SNL comedian? You concerned citizens are so misinformed. πŸ˜‰

    For the record, Palin said, in an interview with Charlie Gibson, “you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.” Tina Fey, doing a Palin impression on Saturday Night Live, quipped, “And I can see Russia from my house!”]

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