Burris sworn in and Blagojevich wins again

Roland Burris was just sworn into the U.S. Senate by Vice President Dick Cheney, assuming the Illinois junior senator seat vacated by now President-elect Barack Obama.

Embattled Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, impeached in two different votes by his state legislature, appointed Burris and initially no one wanted him seated in the Senate. Tainted by Blago and all that.

However, much to Burris’s credit, he kept his head up, did everything by the book, and ultimately prevailed. Congratulations, Senator Burris.

Meantime, back in Illinois, one of the loneliest men in the world is getting one last laugh as his latest political move succeeds. Enjoy it while you can, Governor. Word is you won’t be around much longer.

... and that's my two cents