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Much ado about breastfeeding photos

I’m feeling every one of my 65 years at the moment. I just saw a story about Facebook banning some photos of women breastfeeding their babies. The mothers involved are howling in protest. “Breastfeeding is natural!” “Breastfeeding is normal!”

Okay, I acknowledge being of a different generation. I acknowledge my personal shyness and modesty about almost everything. I acknowledge my prudishness. But still

Come on, ladies. You don’t have to bare it all to feed your baby. Not everyone wants to see your boobs. You can nurse a baby discreetly, and keep yourself covered while doing so. Most public places that allow breastfeeding insist you keep yourself covered. And Facebook is most decidedly a public place.

The protesters say Facebook called their pictures “obscene.” As I understand it, that’s their word, not Facebook’s. Facebook said “inappropriate,” and rightly so.

It’s a matter of taste and public decency. Yes, breastfeeding is natural, and it’s normal. But so are intercourse, defecating, and nudity. And we don’t allow those in public.

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