Reporter? Say it ain’t so, Joe

joe_the_plumberJoe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher has announced he’s going to Israel — as a war correspondent.


By my calculations, Joe’s fifteen minutes of fame ended about sixteen minutes after his chance encounter with presidential candidate Barack Obama back in October.

Professional journalists and correspondents, many of whom have been denied access to cover the recent events in Israel and Gaza, are providing the most entertaining part of this story. They are indignant that a man with no journalistic training at all is going to get the scoop, simultaneously giving Joe another fifteen minutes and themselves a black eye.

3 thoughts on “Reporter? Say it ain’t so, Joe

  1. “Wurzelbacher”. Sounds quite German to me; plus he’s got the skin head look going. They’re going to let this guy into Israel? Those Jews must be smoking something, and it isn’t Hamas rocket smoke.

    [Maybe they hope to throw him in front of one of those rockets?]

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